Grand Lucayan Pool

Celebration Dress Code

Generally, the dress code is Cruise Casual with shirt and shoes required inside the vessel at all times. Low riding pants and inappropriate messages on clothes are not permitted. Bathing suits are only permitted on the outside decks on Deck 6 and Deck 9.

Rio Restaurant: Cruise Casual Jeans, cargo pants or sleeved t-shirts and shorts are acceptable. (no low riders or tank tops)

Crystal Dining Room: Collared shirt, blouse, slacks and dress are acceptable (no cutoff jeans, cargo pants or t-shirts).

Cove Restaurant: This is our finest specialty dining room and the dress must be appropriate. Long pants and a collared shirt are required. Shirt and tie, suits and long evening gowns are always welcome.

Remember this is your cruise so feel free to add a touch of class to it with your attire.