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Celebration Group Benefits

There are lots of good reasons to book your group getaway on Celebration's 2-Night Cruise or Cruise with Bahamas Resort Stay. You may be looking to combine business with a good time, have fun with friends, create a memorable wedding experience or celebrate a special occasion such as a family reunion. Groups can be as small as eight cabins or as large as several hundred cabins. The benefits for groups are as follows:

• Concierge Service: You will receive the amazing customer service provided by our Group & Special Functions Department who will help you every   step of the way. They will work with you to ensure everyone has a wonderful cruise experience and will seamlessly incorporate special requests into   our regular cruise program.

• Special Pricing: Group rates are one fare level lower than people booking individually.

• Bonuses: For every eight cabins/15 passengers booked, the 16th passenger sails for taxes only. So, as an example, if there were 32 cabins booked   for your group, four people would sail for taxes only.

To learn more, please call our Group & Special Functions Department at 800-281-9448. Please visit the following pages for more information on Weddings and Corporate/Organizations.

Bahamas Celebration Groups


For certain times of the year, primarily fall, Celebration will entertain requests to charter the entire ship for a private cruise. This is a major financial undertaking and should be planned well in advance. For more information please call 954-414-1320 ext 283.

Film & TV Shoots

Celebration has had a TV pilot, TV season finale, movie, reality shows, a national news magazine episode and commercials shot on the ship. We are able to do this without interfering with our passenger cruise experience in any way. For more information please call 954-414-1320 ext 283.