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Celebration VIP Program

At Celebration Cruise Line, we believe in rewarding customer loyalty with a gesture that goes beyond a sincere "thank you". Our passengers qualify for the Captain’s VIP member status after their first cruise. The benefits elevate the experience for future cruises with perks such as priority boarding, champagne and cabin upgrades (for all rewards see link below). Each one of our benefits is aimed at making each VIP's cruise a little more special and fun.

Celebration Cruise Line VIP Program

Our VIP program is about more than accumulating rewards and bonuses. We see it as a way of creating a bond and an impression that allows you to think of Celebration Cruise Line when making your next getaway or vacation plans. One of our very special cruising couples have recently sailed on their 75th cruise with us. Several other passengers have surpassed 50 cruises on the Bahamas Celebration.

With Celebration's VIP program, the more you cruise the more benefits you receive. There are three levels in Celebration’s VIP program, Captain, Commodore and Admiral. VIP cards are given out at the port on the day of sailing. Please be sure to keep your VIP card handy each time you make a new reservation when calling 800-314-7735.

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Celebration Cruise Line VIP Program